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Basic and Useful Info About China Phone Software Repair (Learn Yourself)

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  • Basic and Useful Info About China Phone Software Repair (Learn Yourself)

    What is TX RX?
    TX = Transmit, RX = Receive. type of connection which will help to you to connect your phone with pc for software operation. its just a type of connection name.

    what is CPU?
    Central processing unit. A parts of phone. its type a head of phone. all phone have cpu but for china phone cpu is important for repair this phone. china phone have various type of cpu.

    why cpu is important for china phone?
    All other phone have cpu, uem, upp but for china phone cpu is important for repairing because various china phone cpu support various tool/device when you do software operation in phone.

    How to know cpu type/model?
    now many of device auto detect cpu type so no problem to know which cpu use in this phone which you want to repair. also you can open the phone and can see what cpu use in phone/what name write on cpu.








    TI / Power Management








    what is flash chip and RAM?
    flash chip store phone software in it. and RAM is extra built in memory which give space to phone and flash chip to extract phone software and operating in his memory when phone is open/running. some china phone flash chip and RAM include in one chip and some in cpu. so if your flash area or ram area is damage in flash chip, you must need to change total chip (CPU, Flash IC,) using many type of companies chip with under various model name, as like Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, ST etc

    Flash chip name/model is important for china phone as like cpu?
    Not like cpu but its important because when we flash china phone if we know what flash chip use in it then we can find perfect flash file.

    what problem with china phone model name?
    model name is not a big matter for china phone. because with same name have many many phone with deference pcb, pcb design, cpu, flash chip, gate up, software etc.

    What need to know about a china phone when we repair?
    1. CPU Type
    2. Flash Chip model
    3. Original software/flash file version.
    4. Phone TX RX.

    Flash file version is important for china phone?
    Must. its very very important for china phone because though you lost your original (when manufacture company published phone) flash version or not know which file have in it first time, you got problem when you flash your phone. for flashing with wrong version/model flash file you got this type of problem-
    1. Flash done but phone dead
    2. white screen (no incoming/out going call)
    3. white screen (with incomeing/outgoing call)
    4. Keypad not work
    5. Sim not valid
    6. Sim blocked
    7. Phone hang after power on
    8. no network
    9. have network but show emergency (this problem also do for power ic or bad connect sim or sim connector problem)
    10. phone restart continuously.

    Which tool or device?
    many of free tool published in market for mtk, infineon, ad, spreadtrum, sky etc. but always device give you a complete solution.

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