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Terms and Conditions of use - RULES OF POSTING [MUST READ] updated: 29/05/2015

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  • Terms and Conditions of use - RULES OF POSTING [MUST READ] updated: 29/05/2015

    By using this dongle, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use this it. Hasbro may modify these Terms and Conditions at any-time.

    1. NCK Dongle Company reserves the right to change/adjust prices / activations [ if any ] at anytime without prior notice.
    2. NCK Dongle Company reserves the right to accept or decline any new customers without having to say or discuss the reasons.
    3. NCK Dongle Company takes no responsibility for any illegal use of our products.
    4. All manufacturer trade names are for reference use only and in no way connected to us.
    5. NCK Dongle Company will give support and updates as it wants, without having to apply what A customer demands - ofcourse suggestion always welcome and we ll try to add for you if possible.
    6. Once dongle is purchased you are free to use it as you wish, Dongle and card is yours and service is ours to give - Please do not use to post free codes.
    7. NCK Dongle Company reserves the right change models support as they see best.
    8. NCK Dongle Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time , so please read on regular bases.
    9. Your dongle and cards are warranted up to 6 months from day of purchase providing you have, 1. proof of purchase of authorized reseller only. 2. no hack attempts, 3. no fiscal damage.
    10. NCK Dongle Team Has the right to reject providing support to any user that uses any fowl language or has an indecent behavior against any member of team, as a result dongle might get blocked from us.
    11. By using NCK Team Product you accept the use of software provided and trust that team and it s work, as some stupid anti viruses sees some exploits as trojan/virus etc.. ) if you do not trust then use on an for unlock only Computer or DO NOT USE AT ALL, and save us the unneeded headache and time to explain, because believe me we really do not have time to waste in arguments and explanation of how this GSM software works in relation with anti virus.


    NCK Dongle Team

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    Rules of posting

    1. Posts like thanks, good update that are considered as spam will be deleted without notice.
    2. Only post your report in 1 post/thread not 3 - 4 threads, failure to do so will result of deleting all your posts and ignore your request, and if this spam still follows will request from admins to ban you from this section, so please do not let it come to this and helps hold forum clean from spammers.
    3. Report your problem or bug with logs and screen shots if you really want help.
    4. Update release thread when posted is to be used for logs and test logs of new released model or function not for other models request and spam.
    5. Posts and threads that asks for other model or brand support in non related threads will be deleted without notice, we have 1 sticky thread already posted for this requests so please don not spam our threads and sections, if this will be repeated few times by same user, a warning will be issued, and if still not been agreed on and ban will be issued.
    Follow these simple rules and all will be happy.
    6. Posts asking for support on how to unlock or bug will be dealt seriously and we expect users to have time to spend on yahoo messenger or sonork with team viewer installed and phone in hands in order for us to assist properly and solve issue for users and give best support possible, if users do not reply or have this steps taken ready for our support , we are sorry but posts and threads will be considered waste of forum space and will be DELETED.



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      Warning to all users - do not post your dongle serial in public !!!

      As the title says,

      Do not post your serial in public or we will block it for ever for security reasons, and the only way to unblock it after will be by replacing smart card and for this you will need to card and pay shipping charges, so please avoid doing this to save the hassle for you and us.

      Thank you for understanding.


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        Important, My card was banned, why happen this.
        Starting from now, users who will spam server with same opperation more then 10 times will be banned.

        Untill now we not haved any rule to limit server conections, and wanted to make server user friendly.
        But seems some "smart" guys understand this as posibility to spam server.
        one user today for example updated card in one hour more then 40 times and calculated same model and same imei more then 50 times.
        User was blocked and we will wait explanation for this actions, to take decision related to this card.

        Please, respect other users.
        If this is not posible...we will take decizion to block spammers cards.
        In this way another users can use server 24/24 and stable.

        If on update or on calculation , server answer with "card banned" message, send me PM with card number.
        I'am will check server logs and if "spammer" detected will wait inteligible explanation for this..

        Thanks for understanding.


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          Follow these steps to get help fast...
          • USE CORRECT TITLE ONLY IN THIS FORMAT: Short description of problem + model of phone. Nothing less Nothing More
          • ALL OTHER THREAD WITH TITLE LIKE " HELP ME ETC... will be deleted without any notice...
          • POST should contain full description of problem:
          1. Phone model.
          2. Status of phone before you connect it to NCK and status when you gt it from customer.
          3. Attach backups like security backups etc..
          4. Logs of each operation done with phone.
          5. Logs or screenshot of operation done using last version of NCK software for model reported.

          Without such information in 90% case your post will be deleted.
          • Please pay attention to the manners on this Section.
          • All postings have to be made in English, non English messages will be deleted without any comment or notification.
          • Insulting other member will be not tolerated!
          • No spam in this section (the same posting in different threads!!!
          • No swear words!
          • Thanks posts are not allowed ! there is a thank you button for that
          • No links to outside forums or websites and no external download links.
          • Asking for unlock codes not allowed.
          • Respect the supporters/managers If there are any problems with supporters then only contact me.
          • Do not post your card serial number in public (as a result it might get blocked for ever).
          • Read the rules every day before post !!!

          Posts with ?????? or other comments like similar will be deleted and after 3 spamming posts we will block you card for 1 month for spam.

          DO NOT Hijack other's Threads, if your answer is to help him with the use of NCK, you are welcome , if you have same issue then Create your own thread after USING SEARCH BUTTON AND Trying to solve it but failed, DO NOT Contact us on first Attempt.

          IF YOU GOT NOT ACTIVATED CARD Contact your reseller.

          MTK Firmware requests use only in sticky thread related to it ONLY - Other threads will be deleted also Private Msgs WILL BE IGNORED.


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            When user make thread, he must post problem description and exe logs.
            Only "help me" threads what not contain any info about subject will be deleted.
            Offtopic posts without any usefull information will be deleted.
            For offtopic posts exists dedicated section in this forum, please use this section for offtopic.
            If user not want to see his post deleted, need to follow this very simple rules.
            Only "thanks" posts will be deleted without any notification.
            For this exists thanks button, use it.


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