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F.A.Q of China phone Hardware and Software (Revised and updated).....Important.

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  • F.A.Q of China phone Hardware and Software (Revised and updated).....Important.

    Q1. What is format ffs?
    It is the arrangement of data To comply with the phone.
    After format ffs phone gets it's default state,all the user data gets delete and bug/viruses are removed.

    Q2. What are different types of flashes?

    Q3. How many different CPU's are there in China phones ?
    A.different CPUs and flash types (MTK , SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon)

    Q4. Can we list Cpu types?
    CPU type

    More types

    6800..... etc.

    Q5. What is NAND and NOR?

    i)NOR:.Intel introduced the first commercial NOR type flash chip in 1988.NOR-based flash has long erase and write times, but provides full address and data buses, allowing random access to any memory location.

    ii)NAND:.NAND is the 2nd type of flash . It has faster erase and write times, and requires a smaller chip area per cell .Tt also has up to ten times the endurance of NOR flash. However, the I/O interface of NAND flash does not provide a random-access external address bus. Rather, data must be read on a block-wise basis, with typical block sizes of hundreds to thousands of bits.

    Q6. What is PSRAM?
    A.Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory

    Q7. What are different pinouts of china phone
    Power on

    Q8. my phone is getting power on with battery but not with Power supply?
    A.Use 4.2 in power supply it will power on.Normally china phones need more than 1100 mA current to power on that's why they need 4.2 V.

    Q9. Using china tool boot loader lines run and then stops but phone fails to power on?
    A.HW fault check where the power line is broken/cut.Make jumper.

    Q10. What is jumper?
    A. short lenght of wire used temporarily to complete a circuit or to bypass a break in a ciruit.

    Q11. My phone is not scanning with any tool although it's ON?
    A.1.Charging jack bad soldered.(If not then)
    2.Ur phne will be other than MTK and u may be trying in MTK tab .Plz try one by one starting from speadtru, to infineon.....etc etc.

    Q12. My phone was working before Flash ,after Flash white display?
    A.U have used wrong version of flash file.Downlaod correct file and then retry

    Q13. How do i come to know the version of my Flash file?
    A.Using any chinese phone tool fist scan pins and then press "phone info" or "boot" option.It will show u the CPU version as well as Firmware version.

    Q14. In engineering mode I enabled the High speed option .What to do now?
    A.Format ur phone using any chinese phone software.

    Q15. I format the phone and now it's bluetooth is not working?
    A.Repair imei or Reformat the phone.

    Q16. what is the safe method of formating phone without killing it?
    A.1.Use lower baudrate and make backup before Flash.
    2.Use correct erase address.

    Q17. I flashed the phone now it show's insert sim
    A.First make sure u used correct flash file..If so then It's Hw fault.
    Do as follows
    1.Check sim tray
    2.Uisng ohm-meter check those connection/lines leading to sim ic.If broken make jumper.
    3.Replace sim ic.

    Q18. What is the default password of china phone?
    A.Normally 1122 if not works try 1234,3456,5678,3344

    Q19. How to change china language to English?
    A.Try *#0044#
    If not works then try these
    >Set default language: *#0000# Send
    >Set English language (new firmware): *#001# Send
    >***520* Change language

    Q20. My phone is short circuited .how to fix it?
    1. Connect the phone with power supply
    2. Power on it
    3. Let it ON for 2 minutes
    4. Lay ur thumb on different components of PCB.
    5. Feel which component is getting HOT.
    6. Remove that component.

    Result:Check shortness should have been reduced.

    Q21. DO china phones have ROM like htc?

    Q22. Can china phones be Unlocked which are locked by some provider?
    A.About 99% are not locked .They are already unlocked .
    U can use any china phone to any country.

    Q23. Do my phones supports linux?
    A. There is not a single china mobile in earth exists which supports Linux.

    Q24. I am going to buy China mini-iphone or Ciphone .What's ur advice?
    A.DOn't buy they are not reliable .Use original Iphone if u need.

    Q25. My phone goes dead when i was changing Sim card?
    A.formatting ur phone with any professional china phone tool will ON the phone.

    Q26. I have a new double sim china phone but it show's insert sim on both sims?
    A.Enable dual sim option in menu.

    Q27. Where to find china phone codes?
    A.here is the link DepositFiles

    Q28. Where to find china phone pinouts?
    A.All cable's pinouts for chines Mobiles

    Q29. Where to find china phone Schematics?
    A.All Chinese Models & Cloned Phones Schematics

    Q30. I format the phone but it goes dead?
    A. That is because u have used incorrect address 00xxxx into 0xxxxx
    Use Correct address such as

    Q31. What is the method now to Revive it?
    A.Flash it with appropriate file.

    Q32. My sigmatel got Flight mode when my child was playing with it.
    Dial *### Go to Factory Settings
    now click on select type sensor at last
    choose gekewei and press ok. confirm it ( press ok twice )
    now you are ready to use camera

    Without sim type*#3646633#
    then you wil get eng menu
    choose option 5 misc
    then choose option 6 assert testing
    now menu will open
    then select dual mode

    Q33. My phone gets Handfree sign or earphone sign?

    1.Wash handsfree jack with good solvent like petrol or CTC.

    IF not solves then do as follows
    2.Take Ohm-meter .

    3.Attach it's one terminal to handsfree pins (one by one each) and other to different components throughout the board especially near to charging jack.

    4. The points where the ohm-meter shows full reading or beep or Zero resistance proves that these are the components directly connected to hand free.

    5.Once u discover those components ,check them ,change or replace.

    Hope it resolve ur problem .

    Q34. Phones is not showing MMC?
    adjustment Fault b/w MMC and card socket.
    Plz check Mmc door or it's respective jacket (may be due to bend pins).

    Q35. Bluetooth power on but fails to search?

    Q36. Bluetooth is not Powering on?
    A. Resold BlueTooth IC with good paste. Non functioning of bluetooth is a Hardware problem.Never flash it ..or u get a dead set.

    Q37. Phone spk has low sound.What to do?
    A.1.Increase volume from Menu or volume button.
    Sound could be increase by replacing old spk with suitable Speaker.

    Q38. How to format phone without Pc but with codes?
    A.try these codes
    reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *#9998*7328# (hold #)
    reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *01763*737381#
    KG300 NVRAM format: 2945#*# -> menu 15
    SL300m reset defaults: *#987*99# Send
    ***000* Reset Factory settings
    unlocking phone code,only press***847# without simcard

    Q39. My phone is not entering in enigineering MENU?
    Some phones does not carry engineering MENU due to difference in software becoz of 62xx chip.
    Ur phone lies in the same category .
    Also soetimes engineering MENU is disabled by the programmers themselves.

    Note:never enter in engineering MENU unless u know which option has what function etc

    Q40. When I insert charger phone says "Bad contact charger".
    A.This could be due to the result of excess of current drawn from the charger.
    U need required voltage/current in order to charge ur specific mobile.
    Replacing charger will solve the problem .

    Q41. Camera module not ready (HW prob)
    1.Wash camera connectors with CarbonTetraChloride or any other solvent.
    2.If not solves replace camera.
    3.If still not solved replace Camera Module.

    Q42. Phone is working without sim but don't completely on with sim?
    Mostly china phones fails to power on completely with sim due to lack of Current/ampere.So Check battery voltage/current with avo-meter.If insufficient voltage/current change battery.

    Q43. Boot OK but Format failed.what's the problem?
    A.Reflow Flash chip.

    Q44. How to reset phone settings in case of virus ,slow working etc etc
    A.Plz Reset ur phone to factory defaults.
    For that go Menu > Settings > Restore factory settings > password 1122

    Q45. phone is not reading MMC .Is it software or hardware?
    A.100% HW.
    Check whether ur memory card is working or not.If not replace it.If yes then proceed as follows
    1.Turn straight the bent connectors of MMC jacket.
    2.Also clean MMC socket with CTC or resold it's terminals.
    3.Reflow MMC IC or chnage it.
    4.Reflow micro processor.(Reason:All the connections of MMC falls in micro-processor)

    Q46. I have a usb cable can i format/flash phone with this cable ?
    A.Yes but U need to modify this cable ...

    Q47. My phone is not playing Video?
    A. 1.Try avi,mp4,3gp and other format
    Try one by one and check whether it plays video or not
    2.Better way is to record video and see in which format it is saving.once u know the format of ur recorded video u will then upload videos of the same format .
    Note:.New china phones support video of.vid format.

    Q48. Phone hangs after power on!!!!
    A.It's a HW fault.
    1.Remove Volume keys.
    2.Check keypad of casing and see which has been pressed.Release that key.
    3.Phone might be water damage.Disassemble it and clean it with any solvent.
    4.Resolve MTK chip(also called micro processor)

    Q49. Keypad not working.Any Solution?
    A.Mostly it happens due to bad keypad connectors and sometimes due to malfunctioning of Keypad IC.
    Wash If phones is water damaged.Here is the test report http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/show...82#post4783782
    Try to resold keypad connectors.
    Resold or Replace Keypd IC
    Resold C.P.U IC (keypad connections falls in C.P.U that's y u need to resold it while non-functioning of keypad)

    Q50. I want to treat china phones and wanna be professional in ...
    U need proper equipment such as a flasher box in order to repair Ur phone's software.

    Q51. phone charging jack is broken out ,still i want pinouts?
    Mostly pinouts of sigmatel phones are printed on the PCB.
    What u do is just unscrew the phone and locate it.
    They consists of following contacts
    rx,tx,gnd and Vpp

    Q52. I am flashing a china phone but it stops at 80% ?
    first,That is normally caused due to wrong flash or communication error.
    second,Try to flash with different firmware.

    Q53. I can't find flash file both in support site and forum what to do?
    It's better for u to read full flash from working phone and then write to ur's affected one.

    Q54. I am making china phone software need help about sdk,programming etc ?
    A.Contact me(highlight) via pm.Will surely help u ASAP.

    Q55. i want to buy china phone online?
    A.Visit here Alibaba.com: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers from the world's largest online B2B marketplace

    Q56. i need free china software
    if u search u can find lots of free softwares in the same forum by...

    Q57. My china phone is dead.How to make it ON?
    Execute this stepwise
    1.Format it with correct address
    2.repair security area.
    3.Flash it with appropriate file
    4.Do HW
    In case of Hardware read this...

    Q58. One sim is working 2nd sim is emergency call?
    A.Repair IMEI of secondary sim.
    That's it.

    Q59. phone shows no service.
    Format it if not solves
    Repair imei
    Check Hw.Mostly bad contacts of antenna terminals.

    Q60. How to locate testpoint if they r not printed on pcb?
    A.You can check available test points by multimeter
    tx/rx will show voltage 2,7-2,9 volts

    Q61. My phone restarts on searching (Most common problem of chin phones).Give solution!!
    A.1.Format ffs it with any chines software (Keep backup before flashing)
    s.iF not solves remove bluetooth IC.(tested in majority of phone)

    Q62. How to run internet and MMS in my china phone?
    A.Make sure ur phone support these features.
    If yes then ask ur service providers to send settings for that phone.Obtain,Save,install and run ...

    Q63. How to skip calibration?
    Use infinity for that
    1.download and install last version of chinese miracle
    2.read full flash
    3.press calibrate touch screen,it will ask file give the same which u just readed.

    Q64. My sigmatel restarts,how to solve this problem without PC?
    A.Hold power key 1 minute 10 sec... with charged battery ..ur set will formate & ask touch calibration ..do that ur set is ok now without pc
    (tested in S3)

    Q65. I have no idead about softwares ,cables etc and i want to repair my phone what should i do?
    A.If u no nothing and need ur phone to be repaired instantly then visit any Service provider or mobile software lab nearby ur house.

    Q66. Ringer ,Speaker and mic all are not working?
    A.Following cases are expected
    1.handfree problem,read this....
    2.NVRAM corrupted, if so Format phone with any chines Software.

    Q67. Phone is at White display what's the problem?
    A.First of all check if u could receive or make call .
    >If yes then it would be HW fault, Change L.C.D
    >If no then it would be software problem
    Cause:Someone might have flashed it with wrong version.
    Solution: Flash ur phone with correct flash file.

    Q68. After format my phone shows calibrate touch screen.
    A.Make sure that touch screen is Okay.
    >If yes then By pass calibration by stylus.
    >If no then skip calibrtaion using infinity.For that read point 4 again.

    Q69. I have no infinity box then how can i un-calibrate my phone?
    A.Flash phone with the same file and after flash neither format it nor do restore factory setting.

    Q70. How many tools are there in market for china phone software? and which one is best?
    A.here are the list of those tools..
    Spideman box
    Master tool
    Infinity box
    Cpf box
    Among them spiderman is comparatively better due to it's fast scanning.

    Q71. What is scan or spy?
    A.Scan or spy is the option to find pinouts of phone.

    Q72. Can i scan pinouts of original phones too apart from china with china tool?
    A.yes u can scan pinouts of original phones like alcatel and Lg etc with any chinese phone tool.

    Q73. What doeas flash file contains?
    Flash chip contains Firmware plus eeprom.
    A.Firmware contains programme to run MMc,display ,to attempt call
    Eeprom contains User Interface like msgs ,call logs phonebook etc

    Q74.Phone fails to install .Jar or .jad file.What is the cause?
    A.Possible Reason:Your phone does not support Java or NEC emu.

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    Q75."not allowed to dial" problem with Cesim A9530

    01. Make sure two SIMs are online with good coverage, WLAN

    switched off.

    02. Press the "call"-button and type in *#9646633#

    03. The phone shows "Engineer mode" with a menu of 10 different


    04. Go to No. 10 "RF test tool", using the up/down button at the left

    side of the mobile.

    05. Choose "GSM"

    06. A message shows up "Wifi....blabla", just confirm with OK

    07. Choose "Power Scan"

    08. Select your local GSM frequency (in my case DSC 1800 for

    Germany) and press OK.

    09. The mobile will freeze now, because its adjusting itself. Leave it like

    this for about 2-3 minutes and wait !!!

    10. Connect your mobile via USB cable to a PC, DO NOT CONFIRM

    any connection mode at your mobile, just and ONLY connect the


    11. Press the Menu button (second from the left, the one with the seven

    small dots on it) until you you the main menu with the 12 icons on

    the display.

    12. Go to "Settings" --> "Network Setup" --> "SIM1 network setup"

    13. Go to "Preferred mode" and choose "GSM preferred" or "GSM


    14. The mobile will switch to your selection, but the message that it

    will stay on display. Do not press anything else, just wait for about

    10 - 15 seconds.

    15. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone, it will show you that it

    has switched to your selection.

    16. Get back to main menu, switch off and restart the mobile

    --> DONE.


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      Q76.HOW TO SET SCIPHONE i68+ to COM MODE ?
      1. Enter the engineer mode => Device => Set UART => UART setting .
      2. On TST-PS Config make it UART 2 , 115200
      3. On PS config make it USB Port , 115200
      4. On TST-L1 Config make it none.
      5. Press Ok, the phone will shut down,
      6. Start the phone, when you connect it to the computer it will be in com-port automatically.
      7. If you want the previous setting "mass storage or picture or webcam" change the PS Config to UART 1 and press ok.

      Q77.When I dial Phone show's "Check operator Services"?
      A.Settings>call setup>line switching> line 2
      Change line1 from line2
      Done !!!

      Q78.where to find pinouts?
      Pinouts are printed on PCB.To find them,dismantle the phone and locate....
      For a sample I post a pic below

      Q79.Where to download free Format/flash tool for china phone?
      flashtool_v3.852.0 - Download - 4shared


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        I Have This Tutorial

        HOW TO FIND RX TX Signal.

        It is tasted and also you can test it.

        1 step is, we need to find GND from phone.

        2 step is, we should power on phone (operation with dead phone:
        phone must be 100% dead by software)and take multimater put it to voltage.

        3 multimeter (-) line put it GND and with (+) line check each connectors
        , and usually Tx= 1.8v or 2.8v and Rx=1.7v or 2.7v
        (it will be change by processor but strongly 1.7v or 2.8v not 3v or 4v)
        This way is too easy and you will save a more time.

        (tnx to maplegsm)


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          Q.How to install games in China phones
          A.For Installation, Apply the following Steps:

          1. Go to memory card
          2. Go to Games Folder (It May be GAME Also), (If Not, Create GAMES Folder)
          3. Copy *.nes Games in GAMES Folder (Visit this link or use Google to get games in .nes format)
          4. Then Just Go To Fun & Games Folder
          5. Restart your phone and goto Fun and Games > EMUD GAME/Games Folder you can see Game.


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